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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue?

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue?

Wedding Venue

A traditional wedding, also known as a “Desi” wedding, is a lavish celebration rich in customs, ceremonies of faith, and culture. The growth of modern Pakistan-desi couples has led to a blending of traditional and contemporary components in the wedding preparation process. This is your guide to organizing a unique and modern wedding celebration and your wedding venue if you’re organizing a Desi wedding.

Make a Budget for Wedding Venue

The first thing to do while selecting a venue is to create a budget. Decide on your budget and set aside money appropriately. Using a Desi wedding planner software or spreadsheet, keep tabs on your spending and stay within budget. Establish your budgetary priorities and ensure enough money is set aside for essential expenses like the location, catering services, and décor.

Choosing The Right Wedding Venue 

After you’ve decided on a budget, start looking for a wedding venue. Desi weddings are usually elaborate events that ask for a sizable venue. When selecting your place, consider amenities, capacity, and location. Make sure the location of the wedding ceremony, mayun, and mehndi can hold all of the festivities. For a distinctive wedding experience, consider outdoor settings like gardens or seaside locales.

Desi weddings usually occur over a few days and consist of various ceremonies, including the dholki, mehndi, and wedding ceremonies. Consider cultural traditions and customs when organizing any event. Then, to make the events unique and unforgettable, consider including contemporary components.

Include Contemporary Elements

Desi weddings are deeply rooted in tradition, yet to make them unique, contemporary Desi couples incorporate new features. To make your wedding unique, think about adding features like a live band, signature beverages, or a picture booth. Similarly, a garden or seaside wedding might make for an original wedding theme.

Knowing About The Maximum Capacity

Refrain from selecting a wedding venue too big for a lesser guest list because it can appear empty, and refrain from packing the place to capacity. Estimating your party count can help you maximize available space and arrange the tables. 

  • It is common knowledge that Desi weddings host a sizable guest list. 
  • List the number of people you can host while staying within your means. 
  • Remember to add friends, relatives, and close family. 
  • To efficiently manage the guest list, think about making an A-list and a B-list.

Look For The Backup Plan And The Weather

If your wedding is scheduled outside, find out about contingency plans in case of bad weather. Verify that the location has adequate indoor areas or fallback arrangements to guarantee a smooth event.

Ideal Surrounding Area Should Be There

Consider the general location of the wedding venue, including its proximity to the airport, the availability of lodging nearby (or whether it offers lodging on site), and the safety of the surrounding area and the route there.

Sense Of Privacy

Please make sure the location of your wedding is intimate and private enough for you when you search for it. On a given day, an area may host several events or weddings. If this is the case, find out how much space you will have to yourselves or how far apart the various parties will be. 

The wedding venue occasionally lets you reserve the entire space for an additional fee. If you’re inclined toward an outdoor setting, consider its privacy. Could outsiders peek in or observe from a distance? For all of your guests, this may be a significant distraction.

Consider Accessibility

Inquire about the facilities’ level of accessibility, taking into account things like parking, restrooms, operable elevators, entrances, and exits. You want to make it as simple as possible for any grandparents who may be present to have fun.

Seeking Customer Reviews

Research what people say about your venue for an objective opinion. You may discover helpful morsels and details regarding the features of the venue that you have yet even to consider. Pay attention to both favorable and unfavorable remarks posted on external websites.

Trust Your Instincts

Pick a location that fits your vision and seems correct. Additionally, attempt to evaluate the level of interaction you had with the venue coordinator. Please make sure you are at ease and can communicate with them without difficulty. Follow your gut and choose a location where you can picture yourself enjoying a joyous and happy celebration of your big day.

Choosing The Right Vendor

The suppliers you choose for your wedding will determine its success. Select suppliers who have expertise managing the cultural and religious facets of the event and who specialize in Desi weddings. Photographers, DJs, caterers, and decorators are a few suppliers to consider. Select the best provider by requesting references and interviewing potential hires. Among the crucial suppliers to take into account are:

  • Wedding Planner
  • Caterer in Lahore
  • Decorator
  • Photographer/videographer
  • Makeup artist and hairstylist
  • DJ and entertainment

Select Music and Entertainment for Your Wedding According To Your Venue

It’s crucial to have lively music and entertainment during your wedding to keep attendees interested and excited. A live band or DJ that can perform a combination of modern and traditional Desi music might be hired. Arrange for unique acts or amusements to ensure the festivities remain lively and unforgettable.

Enjoy Yourself

When organizing a Desi wedding, remember to have fun. Instead of obsessing over every little detail, concentrate on making your event one that you and your guests will remember. It’s critical to keep in mind that your wedding is an occasion to celebrate your love and dedication. As such, it ought to be a happy and enjoyable event.


Organizing a Desi wedding can be one of the most fulfilling events in a couple’s lives, but it also takes a lot of work, time, and money. Modern couples may make sure that their wedding is both traditional and distinctive, represents their personalities, and leaves a lasting memory for themselves and their loved ones by adhering to the advice and suggestions in this article. Prioritize your priorities, and feel free to add personal touches to the wedding planning process and wedding venue. Your ideal wedding event planner can be achieved with careful preparation and execution by AL-TUAAM.


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